Smoke Alarm 8 Pack

Safeguard your home with the Ecoey Smoke Alarm Fire Detector. This 8-pack of photoelectric smoke detectors provides reliable protection against fires, ensuring the safety of your family and property.

Each smoke alarm is equipped with a test button and low battery signal, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring constant functionality. The photoelectric sensor is highly sensitive, detecting smoke particles early on and triggering the alarm to alert you promptly.

Designed with your convenience in mind, these smoke detectors are compact and easy to install. They are perfect for homes, bedrooms, and other living spaces, providing peace of mind knowing that you have reliable fire detection at your fingertips.

With the Ecoey Smoke Alarm Fire Detector, you can rest assured knowing that you have taken a proactive step in fire safety. Protect your home and loved ones with these small yet powerful smoke alarms.

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